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Maryam Jameelah’s parents just prior to her departure to Pakistan: 1962
1953 Yearbook Senior photo
Maryam with son
Self-portrait, Pakistan 1996
Painting: Sleeping boys
Portrait of two Arab women
Maryam Jameelah and her sister: 1938
Maryam Jameelah 1962 passport
1962 author photo, Maryam Jameelah
Arab father bathing son
“The City of Death” (December 1946, age 12)
Sketches: Madhouse
Seyyed Mawlana Abul A’la Mawdudi
Margaret Marcus age 22,  “My self portrait, June 1956”
“Portrait of my father, February 1946, age 34”
Arab man
Maryam Jameelah and her sister: 1942
The Convert A Tale of Exile and Extremism 
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